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Who was the most Internet Mad MTGS poster of 2012?

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Voting for the MTGS Most Internet Mad Member of 2012

Postby Col. Khaddafi » Mon Jan 14, 2013 2:12 pm

Here we vote for the Most Internet Mad MTGS member for 2012.

Emotions have been at an all high since the middle of the year, so unsurprisingly, its a really crowded roster we are getting here.

Up for nomination we have:
1. Arcadic who is at the inception of one of the most popular MTGS memes of 2012
Scumbag Mania
Originally posted by Arcadic on MTGS
It was an unverified post off of these boards. The gutter was already aware of the potential sale when N_S was banned, because he was leaked details of the sale by an unknown coward. N_S proceeded to do what he always loved to do, undermine the staff and leak the information to his gutter pals[/b:
268db2jx]. Some other scum of the earth leaked the most recent news to them, and the bannings were once again thrown out as the gutter leaders decided that undermining the staff was way more important than the community they always say they care about.

The only reason this got leaked is because of two staff members, one possibly former, decided that 50 users well being and communtiy was far more important to them than the community and the site they volunteered to protect and serve and maintain. Unfortunately, this is the internet, where cowards and scumbags have infinite tools to flow information and be kept secret.

You can attempt to blame the administration all you want, it is their fault and their fault alone for acting in ways that they were told was not acceptable when it happened with N_S. They all knew full well the information they had was not for them to leak, and when they over-reacted to the leak from yesterday, instead of handling it like
mature adults that they claim to be, they threw tantrums.

You crazy for that one Arcadic XD

Originally posted by Arcadic on MTGS
Why should a banned member who attacked the forum and its custodians be someone i can't speak my mind about? Someone who's friends were allowed to have inapropriate avatars in silent protest. You're effectively saying that as long as a mod isn't speaking their mind, they are doing there job. Your forcing a divide between mod and community that isn't there and shouldn't exist.

It doesn't matter if i apologize, i will still have an infraction. It doesn't matter if other users talk about Gays being immoral. They will get the same infraction but it will still be their opinion. Saying i can't have an opinion about something that has effected me and this site isn't justifyable. I apologized to those who
thought i was flaming them. I will not apologize for "flaming" people who would do anything they could to see this site burn for their own sake. If you think that's immoral, i encourage you to ask someone who's trust has be violated in the same manner to forgive them.

You want me to apologize to people who'd rather spit in my face. I won't. If you think my volunteer unpaid position requires for me to have a public opinion that is within the rules while receiving abuse and mistrust from every angle, i suggest you put yourself in my shoes. Shoes that have had to read every single flame on the mods for months now.

But ignore that as well. Lets look at the site and its history. A history of protecting those who want to help the magic community see new cards. A group of people WOTC is probably as angry as i am over leaks. A group that i have sworn as a RM mod to protect and who's identity i won't reveal. Sources that have since the begining built
MTGS from the ground up and made it the place to be for unofficial spoilers, a point that was just proven a week ago. Those people and our RM community puts the trust in the moderators to keep their secrets. Why in the world would someone trust the staff now, when it is apparent there are those who'd rather leak something for personal gain than care about the wellbeing of this website. There was once one thing you could always count on a moderator to do, and that was keep a secret. That trust was broken by 1 or 2 selfish people. So blame me for being angry, but i have every right to be angry at broken trust. Because without it, this site doesn't exist in the capacity it does today. I may have never came here, nor would have a lot of people. If i wasn't a mod, i'd be just as angry at the people who leaked such information, because they have potentially damaged the one reason.

I am taking my infraction for speaking my mind. I don't care if i broke the COC to do so, because i could not
stand idlly by any longer and let people flame the mods for the "terrible handling" of this situation. Because its not anyone's fault but the 2-3 people who are and should be banned from this site. I know i'm not above the rules. Don't pretend like i think i am. And calling this a PR stunt? Please, don't insult my inteligence any more. A PR stunt would be me rolling into this thread all apologetic and sympethtic to people I find morally bankrupt. I'd rather jump out of a moving car than pretend for a second i feel anything but ire for those involved in the leaks.

2. Sene has been solidly Internet Mad for a while (even on his own admittance).

No quotes here since Sene posted a few walls of text

3. The lapdog gave us this little pearl:
More Scumbag Mania

And yes, leak, I'm calling you a scumbag. Feel free to lodge a complaint on my helpdesk.

They are onto you, Scumbag...

You cannot imagine how temped I am to make a "Scumbag" user in MTGS and lodge a complaint for slandering in the lapdog's helpdesk.

4. Meggido gets a spot here for going undercover and snooping around private information offsite in a futile attempt to uncover the mod lounge leakers
5. Promatim made some solid posting too:
Casual Racism, Endorsement of Slavery, Bullying and Innapropriate
Originally posted by Promatim on MTGS
What I'm reading is a regulation against racial slurs and the endorsement of slavery.

Let's have a public heart to heart, Brandon, from user to user.

I would like you to please leave MTGSalvation. Would you be amenable to that?
Prior to you joining the team - I was vocally opposed because I felt the Gaddafi avatar was offensive, immature, and in poor taste. (This is not specific to you, I also asked global+'s if Talore could change his)

When you were modded - You were awesome, at first. You posted a lot in TGITOK, had good opinions, used your experience well to help newer mods, etc.

After the kpaca/madding incident - You stopped being "a mod with a differing opinion" and started being openly rude to a few members.

The AI banner - Not as offensive as a Gadaffi avatar, but still unbecoming of a mod, as it was put. What are you, a child?

This is all my .02
IGNORING everything on MTGCommunity. I feel like anything you post there is fair game to be used against you, because it is a community that exists almost solely to talk **** about MTGS.
You guys have like, a pretend limited section, a pretend standard section, but they have like one post each. It's not really a magic forum. It's a place for you, Kpaca and Manders to obsess over how internet mad you are about MTGS.

But even without factoring in MTGC, you've been an ass to the staff, and the fact that you'd even want to work with a group of people you have open contempt for baffles me.

You know what pisses me off?

On gutter/non-gutter stuff, every member of the staff is a centrist, except for like... two of sixty people. And they aren't even senior staff.

Every single person tries to see things from all angles. They go, "oh, well this guy hates us, but his opinions are valuable" and they mod people who they know
don't like them. They eat **** sandwiches to make every last gutter and CI person happy.

But after the umpteenth second chance, it's always US who have failed YOU. It's always us who were unprofessional.

If you want to make fun of us non-stop, and obsess about it, go ahead. But I want you to know something.

You are a bully. Your friends are bullies.

Hate us if you want, but stop playing the victim.

6. How can we not have Talore here?

Ragequits, and being internet mad at so much different source.
reminds me of the raging goblin remainder text:
"He raged at wopalong, the Gutter, the leakers, the staff, but he mostly raged".

7. rianalnn's personal beefs with the Gutter and his former Called clanmates were quite epic too.

No need for reminder text here

8. How can I not be here too? I raged pretty hard in MTGS.

Most famous episode was
my Penis, Penis, Penis answer post when Nai announced the probations of kpaca and Kijin for poll voting and thanks button suspension evasions.
Lack of further harassing since I've been banned helped me come back to my former easygoing self, but I did rage pretty hard. I'm a sold contestant.

9. The Ice King/Cold Monarch has had some solid posts too.

Not posting specifics besides when he was (rightfully) calling contestant #10 on being Internet Mad:

Emotion shows nothing but weakness. If you can't control yourself about a web forum, than I would say you have larger issues than simply dealing with something on a website.

If the mafia sub forum were to be shut down, I would protest loudly, but not inappropriately. The second you turn inappropriate is the second people stop defending you.

10. And Wrapping up we have Brandon/Viricide did some solid CI posting in the wake of his resignation
from SYm and the transition of WCT from his Golden Age Era to the Era of Strife:

Originally posted by Brandon on MTGS
I find this update -- specifically #4 -- to be disgusting, ridiculous, and utterly unsurprising. I continue to be incredibly disappointed in the work your team is doing.

Since the poll cannot have more than 10 options, these two nominations had to be left behind:

11. Harkius gets a spot for the episode of the alledged Kijin dossiers

(Although it was later found out that this was misinformation fed by Senori)

12. Senori for still having a blood oath against Kijin, more than 5years after ragequitting MTGS because of him
Originally posted by Galspanic on MTGS
I would still like to see the posts sent over to ( N_S ) and have the Salvation Gutter archived away and replaced with a link to MTGC.
Thank you for all the lies. Another fine display of integrity by iridium :thumbsup:

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Postby ( G_R ) » Mon Jan 14, 2013 5:12 pm

I'm voting for His Royal Highness the King of Scotland Elect. Damn, I wish someone leaked that post of his!
That explains why people keep coming over for chicken nuggets

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Postby Second Harkius » Mon Jan 14, 2013 5:48 pm

Voted Viricide. He went from a mild mannered dude into a CI warrior overnight

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Postby Yannaria » Mon Jan 14, 2013 11:37 pm

so many good choices.

I'm voting for Pro because of the lulzy comment toward Brandon. Honorable mention to Arcadiac

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Postby Col. Khaddafi » Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:38 pm

In the end I had to vote for Promatim because I've never seen someone rage so much

Raging Goblin
Originally posted by Galspanic on MTGS
I would still like to see the posts sent over to ( N_S ) and have the Salvation Gutter archived away and replaced with a link to MTGC.
Thank you for all the lies. Another fine display of integrity by iridium :thumbsup:

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