Zurgo burns the bell.

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Zurgo burns the bell.

Postby DarthStabber » Fri Jun 12, 2015 9:18 pm

So tiny leaders has caught my interest, and I have a bunch of burn stuff sitting around. Having guaranteed access to a 2 power 1 drop on turn 1 is fantastic, something that commander had allowed but did not reward in the slightest. I would rather do aggro than burn, but I know burn well, and this format not at all, so no sense flying completely blind. There are some cards that are obvs terrible, like volcanic hammer, but they are filling some slots until I decide what I want to invest in this format and this deck in particular.
1 Zurgo, bellstriker

1 Goblin Guide
1 monastery swiftspear
1 lightning berserker
1 keldon marauders
1 eidolon of the great revel
1 hellspark elemental
1 young pyromancer
1 chandra's phoenix

1 skullcrack
1 sulfuric vortex
1 rift bolt
1 pulse of the forge
1 forked bolt
1 burst lightning
1 pillar of flame
1 flame rift
1 volcanic hammer
1 twin bolt
1 arc trail
1 chain lightning
1 magma jet
1 lightning bolt
1 searing blaze
1 lightning strike
1 searing blood
1 lava spike
1 firebolt
1 incinerate
1 shock
1 shard volley

1 hordeling outburst
1 mindstorm crown

1 mutavault
16 mountain

1 magus of the moon
1 blood moon
1 flames of the firebrand
1 arc lightning
1 searing rays
1 molten rain
1 ash zealot
1 mindsparker
1 phyrexian revoker
1 blood knight
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