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Conjure TCG

Postby obliquespheroid » Mon Aug 25, 2014 7:56 am

This game showed up in my LGS last week. I've played a couple of games and it's been pretty fun and a nice change of pace to Magic TG. So far it looks like it's just based in some parts of Australia.

Anyone else playing this?

There doesn't seem to be much information at all about this game. The official website is rather vague

I quite like the art design, how weak spirits are cartoony and the legendary creatures are more warlike.

I purchased the 'Majestic Mounts' starter pack and a booster to tweak the deck slightly. I feel like some cards are a lot better than others. I'm still trying to work out why a card like 'Tough Decision' is rare- it just seems like it has no benefit (50/50 Apprentice/Mounted Wind spirit "When Promote Conjured, you may sacrifice this Spirit from the Field to
Select Conjure 1 Apprentice Mounted or Beast type Spirit from your deck"- ie. sacrifice a more powerful card to search for a weaker one).

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