Looking to get my first 500 losses done with fast

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Looking to get my first 500 losses done with fast

Postby Jamie » Thu Aug 14, 2014 11:47 pm

Hey guys I played the video game Starcraft broodwar competitively for a very long time. Anyway my boss plays mtg and I made a bet with him I could win more than I lose at the 2014 Chicago GrandPrix on the first day of swiss. I had played zero games of mtg and owned zero cards at that point, and had 2 months to practice. I asked some people who were in the know in the starcraft scene and they told me to play r/w burn because it is notorious for winning games that it shouldn't.

So now after that I'm still playing because I'm not satisfied, and won't be until I consistently ALMOST make the top8 at big events. And I will keep going in this game until I do that... but if I do make top 8s at big events I'm for sure going to keep going. I plan on this taking a few years so I don't think I'm that arrogant in that regard.

Anyway right now my local area is very small (and
poor) so there aren't a lot of people running optimized tier1 decks. I think I need to start playing online to face good opponents and grind out my 500 losses out of the way to become a good player. Since I'm pretty damn poor, I think it would be best if I start the MTGO post-standard-rotation here in October so I don't have to buy RTRblock cards.

Is it true that MTGO has the better players? It seems weird to me that tournament-going players want to do the bullshit randomizedpacks and secondarymarket collecting cards when they can just 'have' them on other online clients like cockatrice. I am not a fan of Wizard's business model and I'd like it if they just gave me 4 of every card for 150 USD or something.

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Postby ( G_R ) » Fri Aug 15, 2014 4:07 am

MTGO is indeed a competitive scene. The reason Cockatrice and similar unofficial platforms aren't as popular is mainly the rules enforcement part. No one can cheat on MTGO. At least it's almost impossible. And then there's the prizes, which help perpetuate the not impossible but quite elusive "going infinite".

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