Hopefully fun heroic deck

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Hopefully fun heroic deck

Postby hoeiberg » Fri Apr 18, 2014 11:00 am

I'm thinking something like this for janky FNM heroics fun:

[deck]Janky Heroes[/deck]

The deck is obviously very inspired by the "Crouching Magus, Hidden Strings" that has been flying around the internet recently. (can be found here: http://manadeprived.com/crouching-magus-hidden-strings/)

I feel like Thaumaturge and the X spells he enables is a
real boost for the deck and i wanted to add YP$ instead of Akroan Skyguard due to his built-in anti spot removal.

Now i realize that this deck just instantly folds to supreme verdict (if Boros Charm is not available), so it will never be competitive, but any improvements/advice from any of you guys would be awesome.

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