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Mono Black Aggro

Postby Toddington » Tue Apr 01, 2014 12:32 am

Hi all, I don't know if anyone wants to think about Block Constructed till all the cards are out, but I like to get a feel for the format. Especially this year, as GP Manchester is coming to England! Thoughtseize is the best card in the format right?

Ignore the Sideboard, it's a pile.

This deck loses little from it's standard equivalent, notably [card]Rakdos
Cackler[/card] and Mutavault. We're going to try and get clever with Agent of the Fates instead. I'm not sure if this is the best plan, as this deck is essentially a pile at 3CMC.

I feel like [card]Mogis's Marauder[/card] is actually good, especially when you curve Pain Seer into it and keep chaining them together.

The Springleaf Drums are pretending to be the 23rd land, 23 and 24 land felt too floody. You also feel super clever when you inspire Pain Seer without combat :unibrow: .

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