Corruption Report: Freedom?

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Corruption Report: Freedom?

Postby Stardust » Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:31 pm

Despite presumptuous username, freedom may be working for the other side. Said in chat, "So I'm guessing that there's no corruption or Wednesdays either." Blind to obvious corruption at the very least, but likely in on hidden plot to abolish Wednesdays from DTR calendar. Possibility that he's just retarded not yet discounted.

Suga revealing disturbing information. "Tubehunter has been silenced." "Stardust is next." "I've given Stardust a false sense of victory by making him think my "unbanning" was his doing. I will end him soon." Luckily, as with everything he says, it is all a lie. Actually very helpful. Know now that mods are frustrated by my presence, but have no idea how to stop me. Will continue.

TubeHunter failed to report yesterday. Probably still drunk from last night. Drunk on power? Hopefully not. This burden is not for all to
bear, and may well crush a lesser man. Still hold out hope that I am not the only one in this cesspit able to see the mods for what they really are.

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