Corruption Report: Day 6

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Corruption Report: Day 6

Postby Stardust » Mon Oct 21, 2013 4:59 pm

There is a leak.

Shovel posted in blatherdome ignored by everyone other than trusted watchdog, rezombad. Moderators knew it was a trap. They knew I was coming. Searched office for evidence of tampering. Only leak found was loose pipe in toilet tank. Repaired. No cameras, no wire taps found. How did they know? Is rezombad as trustworthy as he would have me believe? Must look into possibility of appointing watchdog to watch rezombad.

Found note from Harkius while hiding in bushes outside Kaitscralt's bedroom window. Harkius no longer has access to my office. Apparently able to find ways around that. Believes he was banned due mainly to kpaca's "grown up and mature... 'him or me' attitude". Assumed sarcastic as he went on to call kpaca a tiny, helpless, malicious little fucker. Harkius has own opinions on Pendulum and Onar's disappearances - might be related to something called IRL.
An Improvised Rocket Launcher seems over-the-top, even for kpaca, but may be slang for recent over-the-top bannings. Will investigate recent deaths by rocket launcher in USA. May extend beyond forum borders. Judging by past incidents, rocket strike may go relatively unnoticed at Pendulum's place of employment.

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