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Voting for the MTGS Gimmick of 2012

Postby Col. Khaddafi » Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:14 am

Here we vote for the best MTGS gimmick

1. Iggey for the patriotic uncovering of the cover-up regarding the sale to Curse

CI Lounge post from Iggey
Iggey wrote:I think it is time to provide some updates on the MTGS sale to Curse corporation, and to provide insight on the sordid, sordid, sordid tale which led to mass bannings in this site and the closure of an entire subforum.

straight from the mod lounge wrote:Okay guys. This has been in discussion with the Globals for about a week, and a small selection of you that would be directly affected have been contacted for opinions. This is now being opened up to the rest of you.

About a week ago, the admins got in touch with our Curse liaison. This person will be directly above the admins when the deal goes through, so we'
re already establishing a working relationship. Fabien, our liaison, took a tour of the website with Lord Voldemort while discussing things with us. He got access to many areas, including the Speakeasy and the Gutter, and we asked him his opinion.

The first is the biggest news. The Gutter cannot stay, even with the sanctions we've currently put in. Curse will not allow such a place on our website. The hazings, the slurs, basically many of the liberties the Gutter has, they have no place on the Curse network. Curse has told us that we have to get them in line in any way we so choose. Kill the sub or cauterize the bits that stick out of the box, they don't care. But here's the important thing: We may not say that Curse said so.

For those of you who missed the implications of that, the Staff must pull a 180 here. We must, saying it was our idea, tell the Gutter that the past four months were all for naught and that we still have to change things entirely.

I'll get to our options in a
few moments.

Slightly less of a problem is the subject of the Red Zone. The Speakeasy is safe, but each of the NSFW sections will probably have to go. No real big loss in most cases. NSFWCW will probably become a censor-off sub, but no more sexual content. NSFW Debate will probably become 'Hard Debate' or something similar so the more adult or controversial debates (the Unconscionable Position rule threads, for example) have someplace to go.

For the Gutter, there isn't much we can do.

Option 1.) Kill it. I'm saying this to get it out of the way. I would rather not do this, as it will sacrifice all credibility that the staff has. We go back on our word, and because we can't cite Curse as the reason, we're doing it for no reason.

Option 2.) As I said before, cut off anything that doesn't fit in the box. Hazing, slurs, making fun of other members, all of that? Gone. The Gutter essentially becomes an invite-only clan in its own private sub that just so
happens to have its censor off. All threads except TBGTE (and maybe even that one) get moved to a private read-only subforum that can only be accessed if you have the direct link, for archival purposes.

If you guys come up with other options, let me know. But that's about all I can come up with.

For Talore, GR, Teia, this isn't going to be fun. Sorry guys. Our hands are tied here, and I'm not going to enjoy this any more than I assume any of you will.

As it has been explained by one of the banned members in another forum:

A now banned member wrote:here's the real down low: they were going to shut us down/postpone the pegging talks because they were waiting on confirmation from Curse on whether or not we'd be allowed to stay open (re: harping on the use of hate speech). the final word came in and it not only said we couldn't use hate speech but also we couldn't stay open the way we were -- to quote "some person&
quot;: Some Curse executive browsed the whole Salvation alongside rianalnn and the veredict is that the Gutter is a no go. They will only accept a censorless "clubhouse" for an "overclan" or some ****. And the fun part... there is a fun part... Curse is wants to force the admins to make it look like it's their thing and not Curse's

tl;dr: kpaca and Kijin were enticed to post about the upcoming sale by the staff, which came out handy in getting them banned. Here is a post outlining the plan to ban the majority of the Gutter members:

Senori wrote:I mean, obviously a lot of Gutter people spam the forum for a while, which sucks, but you can delete those posts or ban those users pretty easily.

PS: the leak is Nai.

More to come once I get ahold of the evidence

2. "Zombie" Zach conducted himself with the aplomb of a true Warrior. Can anyone even compete?[/mod:

Originally posted by Zombie Zach on MTGS
This display of integrity is certainly reassuring

This said we do have to admit that in practical terms, the gutter still got nuked and all its most prominent members (including 100% of the guttermod team) are now sitewide banned. Thus the original goal of Curse seems to have been met.

Ironic, no?

Originally posted by Zombie Zach on MTGS
I think some things could be put into perspective regarding this debacle:

The fact is that Gutter members are being considered "scumbags" by a no small part of the staff is rather unsettling, to say the very least.

To put things into perspective, you'd have to take into account that the Gutter has just found out that we have been lied to since the whole time, and that the plan to shutdown the gutter (see the CI thread) is intimately linked to the sale to Curse. Since these 2.5 months, there has been a so-called compromise thread where the alternatives
to closing down the Gutter have been discussed for 1115 (and counting!) posts. The negotiation process was... strange... to say the least. Issues would be discussed, and generally the Gutter would come with a compromise, and all of a sudden something else would be thrown on the table every time a compromise would be close to be reached.

This can be seen as a classic case of stalling now that we learned that we have been lied all this time. As the saying goes, confidence is like virginity: you can only lose it once.

Now as per the leaks, and taking into account that our community has slowly but steadily lost faith in the sincerity of the upper staff, you enter one further equation in this distrust on the word of the staff.
The anonymous leakers on the staff, as well as the persons who spilled the beams in the Gutter are being treated to niceties like being called "The scum of the Earth" et al. but has it been considered for a single second that their actions might not have been
motivated by selfishness, but rather the contrary?

- Maybe some staff members silently disagreed with these "smoke and mirrors" tactics and thought that the community that was being shutdown deserved to know the truth about what was happening?

- Maybe N_S and then the recently banned members thought that people in the community deserved a little token of respect, and to be prepared to what was coming forward?

While the closure was legitimate from a practical point of view (privately owned forum, no first amendment, yadda yadda) maybe the fact that this was a huge blow to a strong community could have been handled better? Maybe you could have explained that while this was a huge blow to a small subset of the community, there where a lot of benefits for the userbase at large, that you were sympathetic to our plight, but that the needs of the forums at large superseeded our own needs? That you could assist us in moving our subforum history somewhere else? maybe providing us with the
sql dumps of all the gutter posts if we wished to host them elsewhere and keep our community alive?

I know, crazy ideas.

I mean (in more blunt terms), we were keeping the staff's dirty secret, why did the staff feel the need to kick us in the nuts at every juncture?

And yet, the Gutter showed you guys much more respect that you deserved. At anytime N_S or everyone could have posted in the rumor mill about the sale, or in the open, and they didn't. They didn't even when they kept being kicked in the balls on a daily basis for the last month. N_S was banned, yet it seems he never took the care to come back under a gimmick and spill the beams in here or somewhere else...

The gutter members, even the banned ones, showed much more restraint and honesty than the staff itself. This could be something to consider everytime you guys flame the members of a community that did nothing else that defend themselves from attacks.

The Guttermods were not staff members. they didn't
abide by the Staff CoC. Their responsibilities were to take care and protect their community: the Gutter. This is what they did when they informed their userbase they had been lied to all this time. The accusations of selfishness are therefore invalid as it was out of deep care for their userbase that they did what they did.


As for the recent bannings and banning revisions, they reek of kangaroo courts yet again. The suspended/banned thread states that kijin and kpaca were banned because they where already under probation.

Why were they on probation? For voting in a poll/thanking a post while suspended (for some bogus reasons).

We kept being spit in the face for 2.5months and this is the end result. But I'll be damned if I think we can take the blame for this. There is only so much that the "battered wife" syndrome can help us in beautifying reality.

Originally posted by Zombie Zach on MTGS
Do you even realize what a big JOKE you guys are?

a global moderator, are telling us that there are self-serving, incompetent people with questionable motivations on staff.

So then if you know this to be a fact and will even share this with us, why don't you just get rid of these rotten apples?

Do you guys need an international summit or something to take self-evident actions? :confused:

Originally posted by Zombie Zach on MTGS
I might have said this before ITT but again:

Having "cleared" all these "misunderstandings" is all cool and swell, but at the end of the day, it seems we are left with a plethora of regular members with 5000+ posts -some of which ex-moderators and globals- which are, at this exact time, banned from the forum.

We also have a subforum, which was thriving before you guys messed with it, which is now effectively dead.

But I'm sure this is all a misunderstanding too...[/quote1:
[quote1=Zombie Zach;9239350]Yeah, I love it that everytime someone mentions the REAL consequences of these "misunderstandings" (bannings, eradication of a community), we suddenly start hearing crickets chirping ITT

Originally posted by Zombie Zach on MTGS
I get it that the question about who got the raw deal as a consequence of these "misunderstandings" is somewhat taboo. Fair enough.

Another question then: You guys have made it pretty clear that leaks and the diffusion of privileged information is something that causes damage to the community, besides the fact that it is morally reprehensible.

Taking this into account, we can therefore assume that the privacy of current and past members of MTGSalvation is something very important for you guys. For example, you would never dream of going around the Internet, asking the staff of other websites to disclose private information about members of these sites who also happen to be members of MTGS.
I mean you guys would never do something like this, would you?

Originally posted by Galspanic on MTGS
I have a close working relationship with Jazaray over at MOTL. Because our rules say that if you rip someone off and try to trade here you get banned, I often have to find out why someone was banned there. I do the same on Pojo since I spend about an hour every week on each of those site looking for potential issues (rippers flow up and down stream). We compare notes and help each other track down return rippers. I have also been in touch with the police in a number of states.

Is that what you mean? I feel like you are baiting an answer but I can't tell.

Originally posted by Zombie Zach on MTGS
That goes without saying, people are expected to share information if felonies are commited or otherwise innocent people are at harm's risk.

My pondering is more general. For people who have commited no felonies (like ripping people in trades or plotting
malicious internet attacks), is there any reasonable expectation that the info they wish to maintain private (like, say other sites registration emails) should not be expected to asked for to third parties by this site's staff?

Is that a reasonable expectation?

[mod]3. Hard Gay earns a rightful place in this race for his excellent capabilities at being concise

Originally posted by Hard Gay on MTGS
Nai wrote:This drama has been caused by a person maliciously taking posts out of the Mod Lounge and using them out of context in order to cause problems.

Malicious attacks on websites!


Large font removed. Infraction for spam/trolling.

4. Celsus

DangerZone created quite a commotion during the gloves thread, when he declared himself to be another staff member harassed by rianalnn

Originally posted by DangerZone on MTGS
I'm a current modrator here. There is a definite difference in the way Ria treats people when they agree with him than when they don't. If you don't agree with him, or he thinks you are on the other side of an opinion you get the cold shoulder at best. At worst, he'll downright be mean and dismissive.

As a person he's swell, but he's not fit for leadership roles. At least he shouldn't be shaping policies and making sweeping decisions with little to no input. The MTGS community has to seen and not every accusation can be a falsehood. Once a certain threshold has been reached, that idea can't be swept away.

The saddest part of this whole mess is that Ria has henchmen, that for some reason just go along with this. If the Rules section moderators were the admins, we'
d be talking about another person just as bad, but with less power. That sadness can only be comprable to the sadness that I feel beacuse of the fear that I actually need to post anonymously so as to not fall victim to Ria's backdoor mafia politics. If I have any hope of changing this site for the better by my hand, than this is what it has come to. I have to keep my name out of the cross-hairs.

Originally posted by DangerZone on MTGS
On the off chance my identity gets back to Ria, I don't want to be the reason whoever figures it out gets a cookie. I frankly don't trust anyone right now, I shouldn't have to be doing this. Not to mention my pursuant CoC review, which is a joke in itself, and probable lynching. What I did was far worse in most eyes than what Azrael did, and he's a black sheep all of a sudden. I'm going to try and change the one size fits what I feel rules(N_S and kijin's suspensions), not fall victim to them. It will be far easier if I take no
risks and dismiss my own posts as trawlin'.

Originally posted by Galspanic on MTGS
I would still like to see the posts sent over to ( N_S ) and have the Salvation Gutter archived away and replaced with a link to MTGC.
Thank you for all the lies. Another fine display of integrity by iridium :thumbsup:

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Postby Second Harkius » Tue Jan 15, 2013 3:24 am

Dangerzone was another user who helped give Emperor Rin the bum's rush off of the staff, so I gotta go with him/her.

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Postby Shalako » Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:47 am

ZZ by a mile. He almost made it to Grand Pre Seattle.

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Postby Col. Khaddafi » Mon Jan 21, 2013 1:06 am

I cannot decide between Zombie Zach and Hard Gay, with Iggey a close third

Originally posted by Galspanic on MTGS
I would still like to see the posts sent over to ( N_S ) and have the Salvation Gutter archived away and replaced with a link to MTGC.
Thank you for all the lies. Another fine display of integrity by iridium :thumbsup:

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Postby Kaitscralt » Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:23 am

has become
Lord_Mcdonalds » Yesterday, 3:13 pm wrote: Standard hobos who play budget garbage should be looked upon with suspicion.

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Postby Col. Khaddafi » Tue Jan 22, 2013 5:25 pm

Oh well went with "Zombie" Zach because he went down as a true warrior. The idiots who used Hard Gay to spam other forums besides CI ruined it a little bit.

Originally posted by Galspanic on MTGS
I would still like to see the posts sent over to ( N_S ) and have the Salvation Gutter archived away and replaced with a link to MTGC.
Thank you for all the lies. Another fine display of integrity by iridium :thumbsup:

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Postby ( G_R ) » Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:41 pm

Sorry about that. :(

Mcdonalds » Thu Jun 25, 2015 11:20 pm wrote:That explains why people keep coming over for chicken nuggets

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Postby imopen2 » Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:17 am

no one said hard gay kept his nose clean
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