DTR Limited Deck Grader

DTR 1-10 Deck Scale: A Simplified Way of Conquering Cards
Or, helping FRIEND ZEM

So, you've taken the dive into a new Limited set and want some great card analysts opinions on if you handled yourself well or if you blew it. The room is spinning and nothing in the world makes sense. You're panicking. Don't! Big Daddy DTR is here and has you by the arm. Using our simple scale from one to ten - with one usually being the lowest and ten often being the highest - you can determine how well you handled your draft pod or sealed pool.

To begin, here is the scale*:

n = anthem
X-2 = red budg caj median results average
0 = 17/40 = 18/40 = n/a
1/4 of a Siege Rhino = drain for .75
4/5 = Siege Rhino
1 = shit = 10 = worst of the worst = n/a (Italy grade school metric)
2 = shit = 10 = n/a (Italy grade school metric)
3 = shit = 10 = pretty bad = worst of the worst (Italy grade school metric)
4 = double shit = 10
5 = shit = 10 = sufficient (Italy grade school metric [5=6?])
6 = shit = 10 = sufficient (Italy grade school metric [5=6?])
6.5 = shitfficient = goblin pity rating
7 = above sufficient (Italy grade school metric)
8 = enough
9 = actually not shit
10 = amazing, a rare zem/gem = 18/41 = Tasigur Bananas Sufficient

*ratings and values subject to change

Now that nobodies confused, we may move on to applying the numbers to your deck. First, join the DiesToRemoval.com forums. Make sure to choose a good username. Next, post your deck list in any thread on the forum (regardless of sub-forum, format or thread name.) In no time at all, our team of great card analysts will set aside their duties as full-time sandwich artists and begin to assist you in grading your deck. Your pile will be dissected, gently critiqued, lathered and blathered and presented back to you with a fair grade of one to ten. Soon, with enough practice and feedback, you will be able to judge your own decks without any assistance, and become one with the format.

- Kait (DTR admin #44, Kaitscralt on MTGO)


"You've been a great help." - James Fazzolari

"With DTR, the skies the Limitedless possibilities." - Yomako, MTGS